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Sex : Female
Marital Status: Single
Employment:Self Employed as the Managing Director of my Real Estate Company - National Estates cc and my Training Company - National Property Academy cc ( Property Specialist , Real Estate and SME Trainer , Motivational Speaker and Property Consultant.).

I was appointed by an international software company , Systems Applications Products (SAP) Pty Ltd as The Regional Director for Namibia and Botswana from October 2004 to May 2006. I then went back to my own businesses. When I left SAP in May 2006.

Address :
64A Gloudina Street , Windhoek Namibia
P. O. Box 520 , Windhoek
Tel: (+264 61) 227338
Mobile: +264 81128 2330
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Matriculated at Inkamana High School ( S A)

Secondary Teachers’ Diploma at Fort Hare University (S.A) 1973

Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics , Applied Mathematics and Statistical Mathematics at Fort Hare University (S.A. ) 1981

Bachelor of Education - Post Graduate - UNISA (S.A) 1989

The Diploma in Advanced Property Practice - National Property Academy (S.A.) 1995

Estate Agency Management Course - Centre for Business Management (UNISA) 2000

Corporate Real Estate Asset Management (UNISA- NDP) 2007


I worked as a Secondary School Mathematics and Science Teacher for 15years in S.A. at various schools. Georgetown High Sshool – Pietermaritzburg , Natal, and Lourdes Senior Secondary School.

I was also doing Matric Examination scripts Examiner - up to 1981 when I left SA for Namibia. I was also involved in the upgrading of Maths and Science Teachers

I worked as a Statistics supplement lecturer at the University of Fort Hare (S.A. ) in 1981 for 1 year before I left for Namibia.

In Namibia , I worked as a Mathematics and Science Teacher at Kolin Secondary School , Arandis for 5 years ( 1981 - 1985 ), thereafter , I joined The University Centre for Studies in Namibia ( TUCSIN) as a director and a Science Teacher for 5 years ( 1986 - 1990).

In 1990 , I entered the world of business as an employee Estate Agent working for the biggest estate agency at the time - Southern Estates (Pty) Ltd . I excelled as an Estate Agent and won all the three annual awards of Southern Estates [ Estate Agent of the Year and a Certificate of Excellence for three consecutive years : 1992 ,1993 and 1994.

I was then appointed as a Director of the company in 1992 and also was responsible for the training of Estate Agents in the company -18 agents in all..

I was concequently offered shares in the company and became an active share holder and director of Southern Estates ( Pty) Ltd.

My involvement with training the estate agents of Southern Estates , inspired me to register my own training company - National Property Academy (NPA ) - which was inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry in 1993. NPA has since been involved in training estate agents in Namibia. NPA is accredited by the Namibia estate agents’ board as a training institute for the estate agents and was responsible for setting up the examination for the Namibia Estate Agents Board.

In 1995 , Southern Estates (Pty) Ltd closed down , and I then opened my own Estate Agency - National Estates cc - which has been operating up to now. I am involved in Buying , Selling , Renting and Hiring of both residential and commercial properties ..

In 1993 , I started training Estate Agents nationally under National Property Academy (NPA) . I also did a number of consultancy work with various property developers , Ministry of regional and local government and housing and others. I am an accredited Master Trainer for the International Labour Organisation (ILO) for the Start and Improve your Business (SIYB ). I have done some training for the NCCI training of Trainers and also USAID. I am now and then invited by various organisations to do internal motivation and training for their members like Women’s Action for Development (WAD) , AIMS , Women Entrepreneurs in the Southern part of Namibia under the Deputy Minister of Women Affairs and Child Welfare etc.. This is the area that I am now concentrating on in my training i.e. Training women entrepreneurs and running motivational talks for them and other entrepreneurs like estate agents. To do this more effectively , I am involved in various research activities to collect relevant data on women entrepreneurial issues.

Another area where I am specializing in under NPA is assisting SME’s by mentoring them and also linking them up with possible businesses that can make use of their services. This I have successfully done with Enviro - Fill Namibia , Joint Consultative Committee JCC , and various building contractors. I hope to do more I this line..


  • Member of The President Economic Advisory Council (PEAC) - Presidential appointment
  • Member of the National Planning Commission.(NPC) - Presidential appointment
  • Member of National Lotteries Board - Cabinet appointment
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of Rossing Foundation .
  • Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Women Action for Development.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) – Vice President of NCCI for 6years .
  • Honorary Member of the Board of the Joint Consultative Council (JCC)
  • President of the Rotary Club Windhoek-Auas. (2003 - 2004)


  • Women in Management in Sweden 1999. (Advanced International Training Programme ) 1999
  • International Course on Role of Ethics in Business and Government(USA) 1999
  • Master Trainer for International Labour Organisation ( Upgrade Course in SA)
  • CIPE and ABBWA workshop on Women Leaders in Business for both Africa and America.
  • Global Women Summit 2000, 2001 ,2002, 2003, 2004,2006
  • British Council Course – Peacemakers Leading in Conflict Management. 2004
  • Microsoft PowerPoint XP Level 2 2006


  • Estate Agent of the year - 1991 , 1992 and 1993.
  • Certificate of Excellence by Southern Estates(Pty) Ltd - 1991, 1992 and 1993.
  • NCCI Award of dedication 1998.
  • Hall of Fame 2004 Laurete by Junior Achievement International.


Tom Alweendo - The Governor of the Central Bank of Namibia.
Tel : +264 61 283 5111

Right Honourable Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia - Nahas Angula.

Dr Joseph Diescho - Consultant in Afrikan Leadership : +27828888889

Len Le Roux - Director of Rossing Foundation.
Tel: +264 61 2721111

Veronica De Klerk - Director of Women’s Action for Development (WAD).
Tel : +264 61 227630

Johanna Cloete - Country Representative of Junior Achievement Namibia
Tel: +264 811 242 433.

Corporate Real Estate Asset Management Over view.

The course in Corporate Real Estate Asset Management builds on the general introduction to real estate.

The course moves away from basic principles and professions in the property industry to the corporate viewpoint and to specific corporate applications.

It provides knowledge , skills and disposition required to optimize the contribution of the corporate real estate assets to the strategic and operational objectives of the firm. This involves playing an active role in:

  • Facilitating the core business of the enterprise through the acquisition of real estate assets and provision of associated services
  • Optimising the employment of real estate assets, within the framework of the enterprise’s strategic and corporate objectives

This course enables the participants to:

  1. Play an active role in the decision making about the real estate assests of the enterprise
  2. Play an active role in managing the day-yo-day operations of the corporate rael estate unit in an enterprise
  3. Interact with and evaluate the work of specialist consultants such as town planners, architects, valuers, sales and leasing agents, property lawyers and environmental impact analysts
  4. Refer to the UNISA Course study guide for more.

Real Estate is usually handled at an operational, not a strategic level, with many senior managers simply explaining that they are “not in the real estate business”. Manning, Rodriguez and Roulac responds to this statement as follows “…. The success of all large businesses today, whether admitted or not, depends on how well they manage their :

  • Human resources
  • Capital
  • Information systems and
  • Investment in fixed assets.

For a major company to claim not to be in the real ‘real estate business’ is like claiming not to be in the ‘labour business’ , ‘financing business’ or ‘information processing business’.”